Aging: Moving Beyond Youth Culture

Insights into the world’s changing perceptions of aging and what “old” means in this era of longer lifespans.

We find that as the median age in many countries heads for 40 and beyond, Prosumers and mainstream consumers are tiring of the obsession with endless youth. They are more interested in aging well—feeling good, remaining active, and maintaining their health, fitness, finances, and independence for as long as possible.

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This Digital Life

Insights into feelings about the digital lifestyles the world has embraced.

After a whirlwind romance and heady honeymoon with all things digital, we find people around the world are now taking stock of what’s good about it and what’s not.

They want to take advantage of modern conveniences without losing what’s natural and authentic. Their appetite for digital is tempered by a hunger for real meaning and deeper satisfactions.

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My Body, Myself, Our Problem: Health and Wellness in Modern Times

Insights into the emerging attitudes and behaviors of our society as people become more interested in health and wellness.

As the world faces a ballooning obesity crisis, we find people want to be more proactive in managing their weight, tuning up their cardiovascular systems, and managing their brain health.

Amid widespread mistrust of many health-related businesses, they yearn for more transparent products and services that honestly help them live better.

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